Total-Home Protection

Here's what happens during an alarm

The Nest Guard base alerts us and notifies you via the Nest app

We work quickly to determine the nature of the alarm

If necessary, we’ll contact authorities immediately

We'll stay in communication until the alarm is resolved

Comprehensive security for new homeowners made easy

We've partnered with the leading providers of security to bring you a comprehensive bubble of security around your investment.

Identity Protection
Identity Protection

Advanced home monitoring

Simple low price

  • 24/7 Professional security monitoring
  • Easy resolution of false alarms
  • Event-based mobile alerts
  • Award-winning Alarm Response Center
  • Group chat with contacts during alarms
  • Even our backups have backups

Alarms don't have to make you worry

We provide a solution for life's most stressful moment

Our patented alert system, ASAPer®, makes handling alarms faster and less stressful. Chat with emergency contacts, turn off false alarms, or get emergency assistance right from your smartphone or computer.
#1 in customer satisfaction with home security systems in 2018

#1 in customer satisfaction with home security systems in 2018

- JD Power and Associates 

Trusted by over 1 million homes

Our systems are risk free

Try it free for 30-days

If you're not happy with your system, return it within 30 days for a refund.

2-year warranty
We're proud of our products. If anything breaks in the first 2 years we'll replace it.
Rate Lock

We value our customers. Our rate-lock ensures your monthly rate won’t increase.

Award Winning Customer Service

J.D. Power ranks us #1 in customer service and overall customer satisfaction with home security systems.

The Brinks Home Sure Sure Approach

In life and in home security, sure is never enough. Which is why Brinks Home Security™ is passionate about keeping your home, loved ones, and valuables safe – so you can feel sure sure.

We rank among the top companies in the home security industry. With our thorough professional-grade security, unmatched alarm response time, and the best customer care, we're dedicated to the idea that you deserve to be safe in your home.