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Rent with Enclave and recevie 1 year of Free Rental Insurance

Accidents are bound to happen. Get coverage you can actually understand. We've made it simple. Each of our premier rentals includes 1 year of coverage for free.

How much is this going to cost me?

It won't break the bank, plans can be as low as $14.99/mo depending on your deductible. Either way, Enclave pays a mojority of the first year when you rent with us.

What does Renters Insurance cover?

It covers a lot more than you might think. From protecting your clothes and furniture, to even yourself from unexpected damages and injuries.

Personal Property

Personal Property

If something happens to my "normal household belongings," Enclave will reimburse me for up to: $20,000.
Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

If I'm responsible for another person's injury or damage to their property, Enclave will foot the bill (including legal fees) for up to: $200,000.
Medical Coverage

Medical Coverage

If someone is injured on my property and has medical expenses, Enclave will foot the bill for up to: $1,000.
Bedbugs Protection

Bedbugs Protection

If a licensed pest control professional attests I have bedbugs, Enclave will cut me a check for: $300.
Valuable Protection

Valuable Protection

If something happens to my special, expensive valuables, Enclave will reimburse me for up to: $1,000.
Pet Damage Coverage

Pet Damage Coverage

Any damage created by your pets is covered by this plan.

Renters Insurance has already saved renters from some tough situations.

Take it from people like you who were ready for anything life threw their way

I had a house warming party, and my nice speakers were stolen. Luckily I had renters insurance, I was able to replace them with ease! Filing a claim was simple, and I was set back up in no time.

Wayne Jackson
River North, Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

A deductible is the amount of money you pay out of pocket, before your insurance kicks in. For example, if you file an approved claim for $1,000 and your deductible is $250, we'll pay you $750 ($1,000 minus $250). The higher your deductible, the lower your premium.
We'll cover you up to the amount shown above if something happens to your "normal household belongings." You'll be covered for a wide number of situations, ranging from fire, smoke and lightning; to theft, vandalism and crime; to sink, toilet and tub overflows. Others, too.
You're being protected on what's called a “replacement cost” basis, which means that—if something happens, you'll get reimbursed for the full amount it'll cost you to replace your belongings. This is a good thing! (In contrast, some insurance plans are sold on an “actual cash value” basis, where you're reimbursed for a lesser amount to account for the fact that your belongings have depreciated, i.e., they're worth less now than when you bought them.)

We'll cover you up to the amount shown above if you accidentally end up harming others or damaging their property. You'll be covered for a wide number of situations; think, "My dog bit someone," "Someone fell and got injured at my place," or "I let the tub overflow and destroyed my downstairs neighbor's bedroom."If something like this happens (and it's more common than you might think), we'll even defend you if you're sued and pay for any damages, up to the amount above.If you live in NY, NJ, or CA, you're also automatically covered for certain "Workers Compensation" situations—typically a regular, part-time, non-resident employee, like a bi-weekly housekeeper. The exact specifics vary by state.For a full list of covered situations, check out the Insurance 101 and FAQ sections of our site, contact [email protected], or refer to your policy doc.

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