Getting Pre-Approved

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Get pre-qualified before you start your home search. Find out exactly how much you can afford and also show sellers and agents that you're a serious shopper. 

Get Pre-Approved 

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The pre approval process

Pre-approval requires some paperwork. You'll want to gather your most recent information since documents typically expire after 60 days. Keep in mind that your Loan Consultant may request additional documentation for different kinds of loans.

1. Personal and residential history
2. Employment and income
3. Assets and debts

  • Photo ID
  • Home address for the last two years
  • Landlord's name and address for the last two years (if renting)
  • Copies of rent or utility checks (if renting)

  • Pay stubs and employer's name (if collecting a paycheck)
  • Profit and loss statement or 1099 forms (if self-employed)
  • Tax returns from the last two years
  • Social Security, disability, alimony and more

  • List of bank and investment statements, plus statements/titles for automobiles or real estate
  • Lease agreement (if renting your current residence)
  • Bankruptcy discharge papers
  • A complete list of debts, such as credit cards, student loans, support payments and more

Repairing past credit problems

Have you had situations in the past thathave put blemishes on your credit? Some lenders will work with you to find a credit solution.They have special programs and financing options that allow you to get a mortgage evenwith minor credit blemishes. However, it is in your best interest to keep your credit report ingood standing. 

Here are some helpful hints for your credit report: 

  • Never go over 90 days past due on any accounts
  • Keep your credit card debt below 50% of your monthly obligations 
  • If paying bills after the due date, always pay within the grace period