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Let’s work together to put your home building plans in motion!  At Countryside Bank, we understand Chicago area’s real estate and construction markets, and the nuances of first acquiring a specific piece of land and then building your home. With so many details involved as you put a plan in motion, it’s important to have people you trust in your corner. We offer three types of loans to meet your home building needs: 

Let us put your home building plans into motion

The Countryside Bank Single Close Loan is all about your convenience. Single Close means one application – start to finish. You sign one set of loan documents, this eliminates the need for multiple loans to get you into your new home. With a Single Close Loan, you can purchase the land for your home and begin construction. When construction is complete, the loan automatically converts to a permanent mortgage loan, saving considerable time and money. The construction period is up to 12 months to allow time to build your new home. Even if you are not ready to build, please talk to us about a Consumer Lot Acquisition Loan that can later be financed into a Single Close Loan. 

The Countryside Bank Guarantee

We guarantee to make a decision on your Single Close Loan application within one week, or we will give you $2,500*. 

No ongoing fees

Other banks may charge you each time you draw on your loan, and also may place limits on the number of times you can draw money out. At Countryside Bank we do not charge for draws, AND they are unlimited, so draw as often as you like - it’s your money!

Interest savings

Other banks may charge interest on the entire loan amount. At Countryside Bank you will only pay interest on the portion of the loan you have drawn, not the whole loan commitment.  You will also save both time and money with one loan qualification and one set of closing costs.

Proven experience

For over 40 years Countryside Bank has specialized in construction - we do hundreds of construction loans in the Chicagoland area each year.

Rate Lock

Lock in your permanent mortgage interest rate up to one year in advance, protecting you against rising rates. Your mortgage loan rate will be locked at your Single Close Loan approval.

Payment flexibility

During construction, your monthly payments will be for interest only on the portion of the loan you use to build your home. If you have a large enough down payment, your monthly payments could be paid from your interest reserve.

The Construction Loan Process



Before you start the process, receive a pre-qualification for our preferred new construction lender. This way, you know what your maximum loan and lowest interest rate amount can be.

Site Selection

Site Selection

Choose from a pre-qualified list of possible sites for your home and find the perfect school district, commute to work, proximity to family and other important factors.

Costs & Budget

Costs & Budget

Work with our vetted professional builder and architect to create your plans and budget. Our builder's are already approved and have existing homes to show you during your design process. 



We will order an appraisal once after you select your specifications and building plans from your developer and we receive the fully executed contract. 



Once all the required documentation needed to complete the application is submitted, you will receive a decision within one week or we will pay you $2,500* At approval you will also lock in the interest rate on your permanent mortgage.



Once the acceptable appraisal is received and all closing requirements are met, your loan closing will usually take place within two weeks.** Your down payment or equity is required at time of closing.

Sell or Lease your Current Home

Sell or Lease your Current Home

If you currently own a home, you may not have to sell it before you build a new one. Close on a Single Close Loan and have up to 12 months to sell or lease your current home prior to loan modification.

Construction Phase

Construction Phase

Enjoy a construction phase of up to 12 months with interest only payments while you complete your new home. You will be charged interest only on the funds you use. Our preferred developer has averages only 6 months.

Move-In and Mortgage

Move-In and Mortgage

Once construction is complete you may move in. You pay interest only until your Certificate of Occupancy*** is issued and delivered to the bank, at the time your loan will convert to a traditional mortgage at the rate you locked.

*One week time period begins once your application is complete and all income, assets and credit documents have been provided. If the $2,500 is paid out, it will be as an interest credit after the Single Close Loan has closed at Countryside Home Loans, a Division of Countryside Bank. **You can not closee on your loan until you have received all your permits. ***When you receive your Certificate of Occupancy or at 12 months, whichever comes first, your loan will convert to a permanent mortgage.

Loan Terms

Single Close Terms

  • Minimum 15% down as long as maximum loan to value (LTV) doesn’t exceed the maximum for the loan amount
  • During construction, you will make interest-only payments based on your construction loan rate
  • Upon our receipt of your Certificate of Occupancy the loan converts to your permanent mortgage rate with principal and interest payments
  • Minimum Loan amount $453,100
  • Construction period** 12 months
  • Permanent mortgage 3/1, 5/1, 7/1 or 10/1 ARM

Consumer Lot Acquisition Loan Terms

  • Interest only payments
  • Maximum term up to 12 months (must be intending to build at time of purchase)
  • Maximum LTV 75% of appraised value
  • If you roll into a Single Close Loan, you Lot Loan origination fee will be credited to your Single Close origination fee - there will be no duplicate charge 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your decision is made locally at Countryside Bank, our employees and ownership live in the communities we serve. 

The minimum is $453,100 and the maximum is $2.5 million
After approval we guarantee your loan will fund within two weeks or we will pay you $2,500*.  
You do.  When the contractor needs money for materials, labor, etc., you will approve the draw to pay them. 
There is no cost for the first 12 draws. There may be additional costs after the 12th draw.  See your Lender for details.  

You will only pay interest on the portion of the loan you are using for construction.  After your home is built, this loan will convert into an amortizing mortgage at a rate you have already locked in. 

Only in limited circumstances are these required, however you will receive a discount on your interest rate if you do.

A draw is when you withdraw money from you loan to pay toward construction costs. 

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