Closed Since 2016 Fire, Michelin-Recognized County BBQ Reopens in Little Italy

Rib and sweet potato fries.

Tour DMK Restaurants’s Taylor Street remodeled barbecue

It’s been 875 days since a fire forced Michael Kornick and David Morton of DMK Restaurants to close the company’s Michelin Bib Gourmand-recognized barbecue spot along Taylor Street. What was initially supposed to be only a couple weeks turned into more than two years for County BBQ in Little Italy. But today at 11:30 a.m., the comeback is complete as County finally reopens at 1352 W. Taylor Street.

Besides the aesthetics, the biggest change is to the service. County’s flipped to a meat-and three-counter model. While barbecue purists love to debate which region cranks out the best smoked meats and sauces, County’s menu has always been agnostic, grabbing items from all over America. They served Texas-style brisket, St. Louis-style spare ribs, or fatty Kansas City-style burnt ends. The menu, which chef Erick Williams — of recently opened Virtue in Hyde Park — developed back in 2013 will continue to pull from different regions.

It took longer than anticipated to investigate the fire’s cause and to reach agreements with insurance companies. Kornick and Morton said they never thought about pulling the plug. While space constraints force them to abandoned table service, they hope to attract more catering customers.

Take a tour through the space and check out the food below. County BBQ returns today.

County BBQ, 1352 W. Taylor Street, (312) 265-0836, open at 11:30 a.m. daily.

It feels familiar inside.
It took DMK more than two years to reopen after the fire.
It’s counter service now.
This is why they created bibs.
The barbecue is hickory smoked.

Burnt ends
Spare and baby back ribs
Mac and cheese, baked beans, and sweet potato fries

Rib tips
Brisket and salad
Half-smoked chicken and mac and cheese
Hot links
Pulled pork sandwich
county bbq
Smoked chicken sandwich with cheddar
Blackened cauliflower
Pork puppies
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