14 best dog parks in Chicago

Here’s where to take your pup from Montrose Beach to Jackson Bark

If city-dwelling dog owners know one thing, it’s that their pups go nuts for off-leash playtime. Dogs need to be leashed in all public places, and only a lucky few Chicago canines have their own backyards. Luckily, Chicago has no shortage of dedicated dogs parks to give urban canines a chance to socialize, exercise, and play.

The city’s first dog park, Wiggly Field, was created in 1995. Now, over 20 such play zones exist citywide, primarily downtown and on the north side. As long as your dog has its dog-friendly area tags (just $5, available through most veterinarians), he or she can play without restraint.

In recent news, the South Side will get its first dog parks run by the Park District. Lots of dog-owning residents are excited for the three new parks as the majority of city-maintained dog parks have remained on the North Side.

There’s a variety in amenities from park to park: some are simply fenced-in slabs of concrete, while others boast grass and water features and special areas for smaller dogs. We’ve sussed out Chicago’s top 14 dog-friendly areas worth dragging Fido to this weekend.

This list is arranged geographically north to south.

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